Sunday, October 14, 2007

a web of homesteading bloggers

I've been busy reading and noting a lot of fascinating things on other homesteaders' blogs. Tonight, with the help of the Many Eyes service and some Excel spreadsheet goodness, I've constructed a network map of the dozen-and-a-half-or-so blogs that I am exploring for the purposes of this ethnography (and for my own fun, of course!). To gather data, I went through the blogrolls of the included bloggers, and eliminated the blogs that seemed to be outside the scope of homesteading. I also had to leave off some perfectly good homesteading blogs, since I can't possibly encompass the entirety of the wide net that is this community.

One of the limitations of this visualization is that it doesn't show which links are one-way and which are mutual. Path to Freedom, for example, only links outwardly to Free Range Living, but several other blogs link to it. Still, it's a helpful way to look at the interconnectedness of the community, and it does a great job of showing how central Rhonda Jean at Down to Earth is to the whole enterprise. (The unlabeled node toward the top right is Scarecrow's Garden. The highlighted Nano Farm points to the node buried under Towards Sustainability.

See a larger version of the image by clicking on it. You can also access a zoomable, interactive version of this image from the Many Eyes database, here.


Nicole said...

What a cool thing! After three years of blogging its nice to see at least I'm on there. :) I like your blog too by the way.

elia said...

Nicole, thanks for visiting! Glad you're happy to be included...thoughts on whether any of my theorizing & rambling seems to be on the right track are always welcome. You're definitely in, by virtue of linking to and being linked from other people. Love the networking.