Sunday, November 25, 2007

traveling, and post-Thanksgiving bread

The end of the semester is rapidly approaching - seems like it has been since the middle of September - and with it all the anxiety-inducing assignments come due. Still, the calendar has seen fit to bless us with a bit of a break and a holiday, so I had a few days to spend with my family. Travel is one of my relatively few indulgences. My life has led me some 900 miles away from my parents' house, and slightly shorter distances from my siblings. So even though the combined driving of four cars for us all to meet Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere, Pennsylvania, is rather ridiculous, it's important to me that we do it anyway. It's important for me to have four days of cooking and feasting and taking walks and playing music and playing games and being silly together (without cell phone or internet service). I think the world doesn't have enough of all that.

Of course, the goal today was to come back and get research and writing work done, and of course, I did very little of that. I did, however, begin to decorate for Christmas, and, more importantly, make three kinds of delicious fruit breads with friends: apple, banana, pumpkin.

With all of that, "progress" on the homesteading front is slow. Plans for the indoor winter herbs, compost setup, making handkerchiefs from an old sheet, making a rag rug, and all the rest are on hold for now. A poor, beleaguered grad student has to sleep sometime.

Thanks to all who have been stopping by, and especially for the comments - your thoughts about homesteading and community and technology are especially welcome. I'll be catching up on other blogs soon! More thoughts about the meaning of it all are also forthcoming.

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